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How COVID-19 Will Change Home Staging and Real Estate Sales

Updated: 6 days ago

The world has certainly changed and with the Spring/Summer real estate season in full-swing it’s interesting to look at how the pandemic is affecting how people sell and buy homes.

We have taken for granted the ability to walk through a stranger’s house to decide if we like it enough to make it our home and sellers have accepted this foot traffic as necessary. So what do we do when this is considered risky behavior?


Some sellers have embraced virtual staging especially for a vacant property. It provides the seller with compelling pictures for their listing and no one has to enter the house to set up furniture, art and accessories. Some Realtors are expanding their use of virtual tours and 3-d imaging so that buyers can get a more accurate sense of the spaces and how they connect to each other. These are all excellent tools and work for some properties.


However, eventually a buyer will want to see the property in person and if a property has been staged virtually, the walk-through experience can be disappointing. There is still a strong need for properties to be staged with real furniture, art and accessories in order to have the emotional appeal that a buyer needs. Additionally, when they see these rooms empty, they focus on condition and flaws and may become confused about furniture placement in real life.


Another change we have seen is the need to show buyers how they can create functional work-from-home and learn-from-home environments. It may be a dedicated room that lacked an obvious function or it could be a space carved out of a larger room like a family room or bedroom. The ability to show buyers that they can live comfortably under today’s stressful conditions is extremely important.


Buyers are looking for a place where they can relax! Any outdoor space a property has is valuable and needs to be showcased. Even the smallest balcony can be used to create the feeling of an oasis. If you don’t have any outdoor space, you can turn a sunny window into an indoor garden with potted plants of varying heights and sizes. The ability to connect with nature has become very valuable as we are all staying home to be healthy.

The real estate market has been deeply affected by the current pandemic and it will likely be on buyers’ minds for years to come as they anticipate how they might have to be quarantined again in the future as we face the new reality of pandemics.

The key is to make your property feel like a haven and a space that can meet a wide variety of needs comfortably.

Make an appointment for one of our staging experts to walk through your property to assess your specific staging needs.

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