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Learn Home Staging Techniques in a Hands-on Environment
Learn how to LAUNCH YOUR own home staging business


The best way to learn the art of home staging is by working in our dedicated training center. You will be working with furniture, art and accessories in order to apply the techniques and strategies outlined in our coursework.


In this 5-course program you’ll learn the art of basic staging, staging difficult properties, seasonal staging, staging best practices and the business of running a staging company.


On the first day of classes, you’ll be actively learning and be participating in applying staging theory in practical applications. The Staging Professionals Program by PS classes are small to ensure that our students get plenty of one-on-one time with their instructors and the staging materials. That means from day one, you will learn by doing, not just watching.

Launch your career real estate staging.


Staging Education Program Focus

The Staging Professionals Program by PS Course is a certificate program in real estate staging aimed strongly at a hands-on, real-world approach to launch your career in only ## weeks. You will learn:


  • Staging 101

  • Staging 102​

  • Staging 103

  • Staging challenging properties

  • The business of home staging

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