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Staging University

Discover the adventure of staging from every perspective from our Founder and CEO, Tiffany Parker, an industry trailblazer in home staging. With a strategic vision , Tiffany's expertise shines through, having staged and designed over $1 billion worth of homes in the thriving DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland areas.


Whether your goal is to become a home stager, a staging business owner or to stage your own homes and investments, our Staging University courses are designed with you in mind.  No Experience Required. 


Home Staging 101 - Introductory overview to the art of staging a home for sale. Learn design styles and how to implement them to sell a home quickly.  Hands on training at picking and designing staging packages. Basic tips and tricks for aspiring stagers such as focal points and rapid installation strategies.


Home Staging 102 -  Follow up course to Home Staging 101 focused on advanced vignette building for surfaces, making the perfect bed for staging, selecting the right furnishings, styling a sofa and techniques for hanging art.


Home Staging 101 & Home Staging 102 are each two hour classes offered at our Gaithersburg warehouse weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-12pm.  The course is $250. 


The Staging Business Course - is for aspiring or current staging business owners. Review staging business models, team management strategies, inventory acquisition and management, pricing and acquiring customers.


The Staging Business Course is a one month course with once a week trainings for 5 hours.  The Staging Business Course is $1500.


Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the best – join Tiffany Parker on the path to elevating your staging expertise and career success.



Discover the numerous benefits of staging, gain valuable insights into staging tips and tactics, receive expert advice on decluttering, learn effective strategies for managing occupied listings, and participate in a staging pricing Q&A. This comprehensive session covers all aspects of staging, providing you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in this dynamic industry.


Learn how to expertly incorporate any client furnishing into your designs, unraveling the complexities of occupied staging. Whether you're an experienced stager or a passionate newcomer, our comprehensive training will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to create captivating spaces that wow clients and potential buyers alike.


Calling all aspiring stagers, designers, staging business owners, and decorators! Our comprehensive resources and expert training provide valuable insights into design techniques, as well as insider tips and tricks for creating stunning staging transformations.


Join us to explore the benefits of staging, learn valuable tips and tactics, receive expert decluttering advice, master the art of managing occupied listings, and participate in a staging pricing Q&A session. This engaging session covers all the essential aspects of home staging, equipping you with the knowledge and insights to create stunning transformations.

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